Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Nice Panties."

When I was a kid, (okay, it wasn't all that long ago, but we'll go with that) I used to Civil War Reenact. Yes, you heard correctly. It was actually a lot of fun if you enjoy rugged camping with your closest friends.

Most reenactments consisted of a weekend of hard labor and battle's. But the main thing all the young people looked forward to, was the ball on Saturday nights. Big canvas tents, food, friends, dancing, hot guys, etc. So even though the majority of us girls that had been working all day were sweaty and disgusting (there were no showers), we would usually spend quite a bit of time cleaning ourselves up, at least trying to look cute.

At this one particular event, the ball was exceptional, and my overall favorite to attend.
My best friends and I started the long walk to the tents, but first the girls wanted to stop at the porta potties, which were always delightful. I made a short time of it and was waiting on them to come out. Impatient but very excited, my mood was soaring. While standing there thinking to myself how nice I must look, a cute little old man was walking down the path toward me. I smiled my most winning smile in his direction; he stopped and looked me up and down. "Girlie-(I smiled wider knowing a complement must be on its way) "your dress." "Yes?" (still smiling smugly to myself) "It's tucked up in your underpants". My face fell. And with that he was on his way and I was left standing there agape, and completely mortified.

Sure enough my dress was tucked in the entire back and side of my underwear. Karma's a bitch.

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