Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This new diet is...effecting me.

I'm still on the island and loving the island lifestyle. You might think me to be crazy, but I've been staying in a tent. Yes, a tent. But I love it, and it's totally an acceptable way of living here.

The diet change has been pretty drastic. Now all I ever get to eat here is whole wheat crap, fruits and veggies. Healthy stuff. Which is good; I needed a diet change anyway. And I am constantly aware as I don my swimsuit every day. 

Anyways, when I first got here I decided to go into town with some friends to a coffee shop and use the internet. It was so great to be back in touch with the rest of the world. I went over to a different coffee shop in the next shopping center over, and told my friends to call me when they were ready to go. A few hours later I had responded to all my emails, checked facebook, finished some homework and was ready to go, so I walked back over to starbucks. 

And they were gone. I called, and nobody answered. So it was pitch dark and that meant I got to make the hour long walk home, in the dark, without a flashlight and all of my most expensive belongings on me. It was hell. 

So when I was finally done, all I wanted to do was take a shower. I was grabbing my stuff for the shower house and throwing things around (I was in a very pissy mood) when all of the sudden, it hit. I tried not to panic; the porta-jon was only a little ways away, I could make it. But the creeping sense of urgency in my bowels was not convincing. I  dropped all of my shower stuff and began walking brisquely, legs together trying to talk myself through it. "Everything will be ok. You can totally make it." Then I started running. I swung open the door and just as I went to drop my pants, well...you can probably figure out the rest. Oh Joy.  

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